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The Princess and the Thief Part II

One day, as she lamented to her kitty about how she wished she could leave the castle, the cat responded. “Do you really want to leave?” She asked, cocking her head. “Oh yes, I would do anything to leave this prison”

The cat then told her of a way to escape the place. “If you wish to leave your castle, you must sew a fine robe with your own hands, install a hook outside your window, and fetch me the biggest basket in your kingdom”

The princess happily did as her cat demanded, and presented what she asked in front of her. “I have done what you ask, but how does this help me escape?” She asked desperately. “To complete the spell, you must kiss my lips” She replied.

No sooner had the princess kissed her pets lips then the creature did transform into a beautiful woman with a long braid that went past her feet.

“Thank you kind maiden” She said, dressing in the robe the princess had made. “You freed me from the spell that was cast on me when I tried to steal from the witch Sagittarius. I am known as the great thief of Baltizar”

The surprised princess wanted to know how this could help her escape, but before she could finish asking, the thief had cut off her long braid and tied it to the hook.

She then emptied all of the kings’ treasure into the great basket and took them both down the hair rope. She used the hair rope to go out the window with both the princess and the treasure with her.

The princess looked around worriedly “But I’ve never been outside a castle, how will I live without servants?” She asked, thinking the thief would abandon her and just keep the treasure.

The thief smiled “Only a lonely maiden of sweetest heart could free me, and so I will keep you with me always” She sealed her promise with a kiss and then stole them a horse and they rode into the sunset, bankrupting the king, and living happily ever after

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I’ve been working on my own fairy tale and now I’m gonna share it with yall:

The Princess and the Thief Part I

There once was a King from a far off land who believed greatly in prophecies. Before any major decision or event in his life he would have his great seer tell him what the future holds for him. When the queen announced that she was pregnant with a baby girl the king rejoiced. He rushed to his seer to hear the great future that beheld him with his heir

However, he was not pleased with what she had to tell him. She tells the king that she has seen a prophecy that the person his daughter marries will come to ruin him. This horrified the king that such a thing would come to pass. He had the seer check twice more, but each time she returned with the same omen.

The king did not know what to do.

At first he planned to lock her away in a tower by herself,

but the queen said “No, if you do that, surely a prince will come to rescue her”. The king saw her point so instead he forbid her from ever leaving the castle and allowed no men to attend to her. The princess grew up, never knowing affection outside of that of her kind female servants.

day her mother decided to get her a pet cat for her birthday. On the way to the store she ran into a wretched old woman who tried to sell her beautiful cat so she would have enough money to eat. The kind queen happily paid for the cat and presented it to her daughter.

The princess was overjoyed with her new companion and spoiled the gorgeous kitty rotten


Decided I wanted to a couple “Screenshot Redraws”. If anyone wants to recommend any shows or screenshots I’m all ears

I apologize for nothing

Taking drawing suggestions


You can request as many times as you want. All I ask is please no fandoms I’m not a part of or anything nsfw

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For anon, I wouldn’t say he’s my absolute fav but he’s pretty high on the list

For anon, I wouldn’t say he’s my absolute fav but he’s pretty high on the list

Anonymous asked: How about a drawing of your favorite character? :)

haha, fuck that would be difficult

From a specific series or just in general?

Still taking drawing requests

If anyone else is interested

Haven’t watched this anime yet. Doesn’t stop me from thinking this character design is cute

Haven’t watched this anime yet. Doesn’t stop me from thinking this character design is cute